Custom Female Bobblehead Sitting on Sofa
  • Custom Female Bobblehead Sitting on Sofa

Personalized Bobblehead for Woman--Sitting on Sofa


Personalized gift with premium quality, for your girlfriend, wife, Mom, Grandma...

100% satisfaction guaranteed, personalized bobblehead dolls are with high likeness from the photos provided

1. It is around 16-18cm high, the base is around 10cm, each figurine weight around 230g.

2. 100% handmade by fine polymer clay, keep the color of the clay itself, no polymer resin and paints.

3. Free proofts, free shipping worldwide

4. Text on base without extra cost

Polymer Clay

Product customization

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    • H1 Black

    • H2 Dark Grey

    • H3 Grey

    • H4 White

    • H5 Black Brown

    • H6 D.Brown

    • H7 M.Brown

    • H8 L.Brown

    • H9 D.Blonde

    • H10 M.Blonde

    • H11 Blonde

    • H12 L.Blonde

    • H13 Redish Brown

    • H14 Red

    • Bald

    • E1 Black

    • E2 Hazel

    • E3 Blue

    • E4 Brown

    • E5 Gray

    • E6 Green

    • S1 Chinese Skin-1

    • S2 Chinese Skin-2

    • S3 Ganeral-2

    • S4 Ganaral-1

    • S5 Pink

    • S6 Ganeal Tan

    • S7 Light Tan

    • S8 Black

    • S9 Medium Black

    • S10 Light Black

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Top-level likeness by our master