Custom pets Bobblehead of Squatting Cat

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Personalized gift with premium quality, for your friend or family, who loves cat.
100% satisfaction guaranteed, personalized bobblehead dolls are with high likeness from the photos provided.
It is about 6-8CM (2.4-3.1 inch), 0.3KG.

If you need to add it together with person bobblehead, please choose it from accessories under customization, you will have discount price.

- Made with handmade Polymer clay.
- Free proofs with unlimited changes during the proofing process until satisfied.
- All human bobbleheads can bobble, while pet bobbleheads cannot.
- For any questions or needs, please contact us at or start a live chat (recommended) at the bottom right of the page for a prompt reply.

How to Order Custom Bobbleheads
Default Height 2.4-3.1"(6-8cm)
Material Polymer Clay
Reference UB000402

Product customization

*After the product is shipped, our system will automatically delete the photos you uploaded for your privacy and security.

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