• Custom Superhero Doctor Bobblehead with the Superman symbol

Custom Superhero Doctor Bobblehead with the Superman symbol

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Becoming a doctor is a fulfilling career choice that many individuals make, driven by a desire to help others and make a positive impact on people's lives. A personalized doctor bobblehead ornament can serve as a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate this important profession.

Crafted with premium quality materials and featuring the Superman symbol, this personalized gift is perfect for friends, sons, fathers, husbands, or anyone who is a doctor.

Whether displayed in a personal office or at home, a doctor bobblehead ornament can add a touch of humor and personality to any space. It can also serve as a reminder of the recipient's dedication and hard work, as well as the impact they make on people's lives.

Overall, a personalized doctor bobblehead ornament with the Superman symbol is a perfect gift for those in the medical profession. It celebrates the important work they do and acknowledges their unique contributions to society.

- The standard height of each figure is approximately 16-18cm (6-7") and weighs around 230g.
- Cloth style and color can be changed without any additional cost.
- Made with handmade Polymer clay.
- Free proofs with unlimited changes during the proofing process until satisfied.
- All human bobbleheads can bobble, while pet bobbleheads cannot.
- For any questions or needs, please contact us at contact@ubobble.com or start a live chat (recommended) at the bottom right of the page for a prompt reply.

How to Order Custom Bobbleheads
Default Height 16-18cm(6-7")
Material Polymer Clay
Reference UB000057

Product customization

  • H1 Black

  • H2 Dark Grey

  • H3 Grey

  • H4 White

  • H5 Black Brown

  • H6 D.Brown

  • H7 M.Brown

  • H8 L.Brown

  • H9 D.Blonde

  • H10 M.Blonde

  • H11 Blonde

  • H12 L.Blonde

  • H13 Redish Brown

  • H14 Red

  • No Hair

  • E1 Black

  • E2 Hazel

  • E3 Blue

  • E4 Brown

  • E5 Gray

  • E6 Green

  • S1 Chinese Skin-1

  • S2 Chinese Skin-2

  • S3 Ganeral-2

  • S4 Ganaral-1

  • S5 Pink

  • S6 Ganeal Tan

  • S7 Light Tan

  • S8 Black

  • S9 Medium Black

  • S10 Light Black

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